Hark back to a time when wealth was based upon coinage and money still had a magical shine, currency was only as hard as the material it was composed of, and forgers could expect a dark fate if caught.

Using modern audio guides, visitors are guided through half a millennium of European coin-minting history with our Münzwardein (master of the mint) Franz. They will discover the secrets of the powerful coin-issuing authorities and their fascinating machines.
Using magnifying glasses, visitors have the possibility to slip into the role of a researcher and to discover hidden details about the coins.
After a visit to the Hall Mint, climb to the top of the famous Mint Tower.


Discover the world’s only cylindrical stamping press and the world’s first ‘Thaler’. Climb the Mint Tower, complete with atmospheric sound and lighting effects. Enjoy the unforgettable view from the top of the tower. Inform yourself about the return of the Common Kestrel to the falcon cupola and about life in the middle ages in the City Archeological Museum. Travel the mysterious spiral staircase with three flights and admire the largest silver Thaler in the world, including more than 20 kg of silver it makes anything else appear small in comparison.

Come and see for yourself!

research, discover, be astounded & climb... turn your visit with us into a real experience!