In addition to museum operations, the Hall Mint, famous as the cradle of the thaler and the dollar, is active in contract minting of special coins and medallions for business, institutions, public representatives as well as for special occasions. Die stamps are created in various sizes upon request. The costs for a die stamp depend upon the type of stamp image in question.

We would be happy to transform your motif into a coin design and to prepare a personalised minting tool for you.

The manufacturing period for tools takes approx. 3 weeks after design approval.

It is also possible to borrow a neutral motif from us at no charge.


Medallion types:

* Copper, Brass                                               25mm - 60mm

* Copper, gold-plated                                      25mm - 60mm

* Silver 999/000, pure                                     25mm - 60mm

* Copper, 986/000                                           25mm - 60mm

* neutral etui


Clear-plastic jackets are included in the price.

All materials can be made available upon commission basis. During an event, you have the possibility of imprinting the coins with a historical imprint (hammer stamping) on-site along with your guests.